10 Reasons That You Should Have More Sex


If you needed any more reasons to get wild in the sheets with your honey, then have no fear. Here are some fun facts and sexy tidbits to help keep your libido up and get your juices flowing, because sex isn’t just for fun or making babies anymore. Sex can help you in so many different areas of your life, from your health, to your wellness and personal relationships, sex is great all around and should be enjoyed as often as possible.

Sex Can Make You Smarter
New studies show that sex can actually hep your body grow new brain cells. Having bright, shiny new brain cells can help you to fill your mind up with a whole bunch of new information which will make you a smarter person! Be smart, get it on regularly!


Sex Is A Great Workout
What better way to stay in shape, tone up and feel great? Studies show that sex can burn over 150 calories per half hour and can give you extra definition in your legs, abs, core and rear! Who needs a gym membership, thats the total package!


Sex Boosts You Happiness
Not only does sex make you happy because it’s fun and it feels great. Sex actually causes our bodies to produce a chemical in our brain which stimulates our pleasure receptors and boosts our endorphins! Thats a whole lots of happy stimulation.


Sex Improves Your Immune System
Having sex on a regular basis can relax your body and help stimulate your immune system so that it is better at fighting off colds and other common illnesses. That means the more sex you have the less you actually have to use your sick days and instead use them for fun adventures!


Post Sex Sleep Is The Best Sleep
After a fun roll around in the sheets, our brains release endorphins which make us incredibly happy and then also put our bodies in an extremely relaxed state. After we have sex, we are physically wired to sleep soundly like a baby, and who wouldn’t want that?


Sex Can Block Pain
According to studies conducted by a professor at Rutgers University, Orgasms can block pain receptors in our brains and actually make us feel euphoric. Who needs Advil when you have a backache, a couple of rolling orgasms and your good to go!


Sex Can Prevent Prostate Cancer
Men who ejaculate frequently (approximately 21 times per month) are much less likely to develop prostate cancer. So guys if you want to make sure you are taking care of your health, you have to make sure you are showing yourself a little love downtown.


Sex Helps Women Keep Their Heart Healthy
Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women. But having sex at least twice a week is shown to reduce the chances of a woman having a heart attack by half, due to the increased heart rate, blood flow and oxygen levels.


Sex Makes Your Skin Glow
Having sex sends tons of blood flow and oxygen to your whole body. When this happens your skin gets a burst of healthy vitality and can actually look as if it has a luminescent sheen. So forget the moisturizers and creams, get glowing skin from getting it in!


Food Tastes Better After Sex
Maybe all of the bumping and pumping and rolling around works up a major appetite, maybe our brains are so pumped with endorphins that our taste buds are on high alert. Whatever the reason, some foods like chocolate and cheese ten a whole lot better after sex.