It is said that all people are unique and unrepeatable, but the truth is that there are human beings that come to this world with a singularity that definitely destroy the adjective “unique.”

And not only that, but their peculiarity so astonishes the world that they become news.

Four years ago, in 2013, the face of a newborn baby with black complexion, really black, burst on the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers and it went around the internet.

It is Edam, a small native of South Africa, his skin is so dark that even in his country, with a majority of black population, he caused astonishment.

As we know in several countries of Africa, many prejudices still prevail that mark the different of questions of sorcery or black magic.

These stigmas were about to fall on Edam, whose family rejected him at first to such an extent, that they came to repudiate him. And it is that his peculiarity  even presents itself in his ocular globules that are also black.

Fortunately, his family reconsidered and decided to stay with the child and give him tender love. Now that four years have passed, his photos go around the world again, proving that despite what many have said at the time, it was not a hoax. Edam’s skin color is simply pure black by nature.

The child grows healthy and strong, and although he has had to face rejection, yet with his charisma, he has gained more affection among people who know him.

There are those who consider him a national symbol and a source of pride. There are also foreign eccentrics that travel to South Africa only to meet the little boy who has been astonishing the world for four years.