Sell your Car online in Jamaica,for free!


CarsInJamaica an idea born around passion, Damar is a web developer with a great passion for Cars. Damar always researches various cars online but he expressed to us that he had some issues getting current information about the auto industry in Jamaica. Out of his passion for cars he created a website for the auto industry in Jamaica which hosts various data about local and relevant information about the auto industry; you can find the webpage over at

Damar is aggressively looking for passionate persons and auto businesses who would love to share to the worldwide web their passion and join force in educating Jamaican in general about various auto news and related auto products. Damar has also stated that small auto niche businesses would find it very beneficial to their brand as they would be labelled as an expert in their niche in Jamaica, Damar went on to give us an example of how the CarsInJamaica platform would offer a great benefit to passionate auto contributors;

“Let’s say for example you specialize in Selling and Installation motor vehicle transmission, you should in a position to provide education in a simple and understandable way to your potential customers…. after educating a potential customer you are an expert to them with their best interest at heart which will result in more sales, brand equity and brand loyalty. Many large companies in the US as applied this strategy in their marketing and have cornered many industries and become the expert and the leaders their niche. I think smart business owners in Jamaica get on to the CarsInJamaica platform and start offering valuable information to potential customers, a great saying I always hear is that ‘He who educate the market owns the market’.”


Damar went ahead to tell us that the CarsInJamaica website also has a Car only classifieds for persons looking to buy and sell cars online and would like to extend their online marketing efforts.

Damar is excited to hear from passionate persons and can be contacted at or a on twitter.