The deadly robot taxi crash on old harbour road in Jamaica


Taxi here taxi there, the deadly accident claim the life of 4 members of the public as they commute from work Friday, January 5, 2018. It is said that a vehicle was over taking a line of traffic and collided head on with another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction, it happen that both vehicles were being used at a public passenger vehicle without the requisite road licence to operate.

Recent reports states that illegal taxis outnumber the legal taxis by ratio 6:1, there has been a influx of new vehicles entering the public passenger business. Over the pass months, vehicle sales are on the rise. Could it be that persons are looking for ways to make extra money from the public transportation business in Jamaica? That might be the case, 80% of the illegal operators on the road is not driven by the owner but in turn hire a seasoned PPV driver to operate the illegal taxi as a regular robot taxi. The high influx of illegal taxis on the Jamaican roads, the legal taxis face competition that results in a decline in revenue due to the entrance of the illegal operators.

Police traffic operations play a pivot role in keeping the illegal operators of the streets however this only create a cat and dog hide and seek game. Police often times take bribe from illegal operators and allow them to operate discretely. Currently they are dedicated PPV drivers who are on street for years using an illegal vehicle, if a police find you operating an illegal PPV vehicle your vehicle will be seized and you are required to pay a ticket however there has been repeat offenders repeatedly. This method of punishment does not seem to be helping the fight against illegal operators; can it be they need stiffer punishment?  Who are the owners of these illegal PPV vehicles? There are so much questions to be asked.

The Transport Authority seems to be overwhelmed by the state owned bus company JUTC preventing the Transport Authority to grant the well needed PPV road licenses to operators. JUTC must understand that their big bus services cannot substitute for the services offered by a PPV car.

Currently due to the exclusive license JUTC hold they are trying to maximise the potential of the PPV system in Jamaica, JUTC currently is trying to expand to grow its profit but continue to lose money on the backend.

Accidents happen but majority of the times it can be avoided, this is not a blame game because accidents do occur to legal PPV vehicles, even JUTC been in several accidents.

What more can we say?

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